Reservation Desk



Looking to make reservations? You’ve come to the right spot! So that we can provide you with the best possible rates for your specific dates of stay, our rates are based upon availability and do fluctuate.

We guarantee our rates as the best rates you’ll find.
If you notice a lower, bookable rate online for The Lenox, please give us a call so we can match it!


Reconfirming/Cancelling Reservations Online
Trying to reconfirm or cancel a reservation online? Receiving a message stating that your reservation cannot be found? Don’t worry! Due to using both an online and internal system to confirm and track reservations, only reservations made online can be reconfirmed or cancelled through our online booking engine. The online confirmation number starts with “37SY” or “37SB” and is displayed on-screen after completing a reservation through our website. This is the number that must be used to reconfirm or cancel online. The confirmation number in your e-mail confirmation or given over the phone is not recognized by our online system. It’s confusing, we know and we’re sorry! Technology sometimes seems to make things more difficult!

Contact Us Directly
Please don’t hesitate to call 800.225.7676 or e-mail us directly if you have any questions regarding your reservations. We’re happy to answer any questions or make reservations right over the phone!


Please be so kind to complete the below information and someone from our sales team will contact you within one business day.