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Real Weddings
Alessandra & Kenneth

Real Weddings
Alessandra & Kenneth

Alessandra and Kenneth got married at The Lenox on a cold and sunny day, Saturday December 8, 2018. With the festivities behind them, the couple has had some time to reflect, and they shared the most memorable moments of their big day with us!

The Bride & Groom

Ken and I met at a summer concert tailgate in Mansfield, MA. I was there with my best friend and we decided to join tailgates with a guy friend of mine, who was also with a group of his friends. Turns out this friend of mine was Ken’s roommate in college, and Ken was also there that day. He introduced us and we hit it off instantly. After we talked for a while, it was time for the show to start. I remember walking in to the concert behind him and getting jostled around by the crowd. Ken turned around in the middle of the crowd and put out his hand for me to take so I didn’t get lost. That was it for me. I turned to my best friend and she said “you’re done, aren’t you?” as if to say “that is your man, isn’t it?” She was right. During the show, he borrowed our mutual friend’s phone to send me his phone number so we could stay in touch. I still have the screenshot of that message.

Why The Lenox for Your Wedding?

It was important to both of us that our wedding venue in Boston be sophisticated without trying too hard. We wanted everything under one roof – the ability to have the ceremony, reception, after party and hotel block all in one fun, luxurious place. We visited on a chilly Saturday and were in immediate agreement that this was the place for us. The Lenox Hotel’s attention to detail is unparalleled, the service and staff is exceptional and the flexibility of the planning process (due in large part to our truly incredibly planner, Alison) made a potentially hectic process organized, smooth and enjoyable. There is nothing I would change about our special day and the way the Lenox attended to every to detail was a huge contributor to that.

Favorite Moments From Your Wedding Day? (Saturday December 8, 2018)

I don’t think I could pick just one! In chronological order, spending the day with my mom, sister, and best friends getting ready was so special and kept my nerves at bay. Walking down the aisle with my dad was one of my favorite moments that he and I share together – he kept glancing my way to make sure I wasn’t overwhelmed with emotion. On a similar note, I loved seeing Ken dance with his mom – they choreographed it so well! Sharing our vows was a personal and genuine way for our families and friends to hear how Ken and I feel about each other. And lastly, the 5 minutes after the ceremony, before the cocktail hour, that we spent by ourselves just soaking it all in was truly special for us.

Any Advice for Other Couples During the Planning Process or Wedding Weekend?

It can be difficult for type-A people like myself to want to accomplish as much as possible ahead of time – but that’s not always possible when planning a big event like a wedding. Accepting the fact that there is a method to the madness will help you stay sane. I think finding the right balance between keeping it about you and your partner, while remembering to make your guests feel welcome and included when possible makes it special and memorable.

Style Guide

Hair: Brenda McGann, Aluna Salon
Makeup: Dani Wagener Beauty
Dress: Pronovias
Photographer: Suzanna March Photography
Cake: Dessert Works
Tuxedo: Blank Label
Florist: Petal Pushers
Music: Johnny Mac’s Music