Because Sharing Is Caring

Because Sharing Is Caring

Saying I like food is like saying Boston has interesting weather. Nothing could understate my passion more! People are at the very core of my love of food. Actually, eating and sharing are pretty much intrinsically linked for me. I seldom, if ever, will eat alone. Without someone there to share it with, a meal loses most of its meaning for me. While some view food as simply fuel, I think of food as a connector of people. I wouldn’t talk to myself, why would I eat by myself?

I think this all started because I come from a big family. Some of my favorite childhood memories come from hanging around our kitchen table while my Mom entertained aunts or neighbors for coffee and a homemade delectable. I remember vividly the sounds and smells emanating from that kitchen as I waited for all the adults to be served and I would be given my share. (Funny enough, I also remember the ashtray full of butts. Gross to think of now!) Mom used her food as a way of showing her love to her family and friends. Heck, even peanut butter and jelly tasted better when she made it and sat with me as I ate.

Like my Mom, I use food to show my appreciation, care, and love to the people I make it for. For my Mom, no pot was too big because having more food to share just meant more people to share it with. I carry that same philosophy with me to this day. On occasion I’d like to share a few of my favorite things to make. Below is a recipe I stole and remixed to call it my own – Baked Potato Dip:

-3 pints sour cream
-2 bunches fine chopped green onions – not the white part!
-2 bags Oscar Mayer bacon bits – vacuumed packed in the salad dressing aisle
-16 oz fine shredded Mexican blend cheese (Kraft is best)
-S&P to taste – Be careful! Bacon is salty, go lite on that, heavy on the pepper
*This recipe can be halved – it makes quite a bit of dip!

I hope you LOVE this.

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