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Fiddlehead Brewing Company

Fiddlehead Brewing Company

Summertime is almost here in Boston and for me that makes me long for a tasty craft brew, hopefully on a patio somewhere. One of our resident beer geeks, Nate Gaul, outlined a few of the Boston stalwarts here earlier in the season. What I’d like to do is tell you about one of my favorite breweries right now that might not be as well known in eastern MA. Fiddlehead Brewing Company out of Shelburne Vermont.

Shelburne Vermont is a suburb of Burlington (if you can call anything in VT a suburb) that sits on Lake Champlain. The town is also next to the town I grew up in. Just south of the famous Shelburne Museum on route 7 there is a Bar with a sign that says Beer and Pizza. The Beer in this equation is Fiddlehead Brewing Company and its one of my favorites. The brewery is small but friendly and efficient. The team there is happy to get you tastes of what they are pouring at that time. Usually it’s just growlers but if you get lucky and stumble upon a can release that’s a bonus. My favorite is their double IPA Second Fiddle. But really, everything hoppy that I’ve had from these guys has been excellent.

In that same building, and completing the dynamic duo, is Folino Wood Fired Pizza. These guys make great pizza and salads in a super casual setting. And best of all, its BYOB. So what you do is pick up a growler of fresh Vermont Beer and walk down the hall to Folino where they have iced cold pint glasses waiting for you. It’s the ideal lunch!

Best of all, this small brewery is now available in a select few spots in Boston. And our very own Irish pub is one of them. Come enjoy a Fiddlehead IPA in the newly renovated Solas today! The patio is waiting for you!

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