Game of Game of Thrones

Game of Game of Thrones

With the Boston Marathon around the corner, the city is gearing up for one of the most exciting days of the year. The competitive spirit of the Marathon is contagious and has spread to some of our Lenox team! Since we’re not all marathon runners, we’ve channeled our energy into a highly-competitive winner-take-all game…of…Game of Thrones in celebration of the premiere this Sunday of the final season!

In a fantasy football style draft, serious GoT viewers picked characters for their ‘team’ to rack up points throughout the season. Complete with a background of Thrones-themed music and even special edition GoT Oreos, the players successfully drafted 3 players each. Points are awarded for things like characters who are killed off (if you’re a fan you know this is not a tall order) or for killing a ruthless White Walker.

The Lenox team is taking the game very seriously, and points will be updated as battles are won, dragons are reborn, and someone is awarded the iron throne!

Stay tuned for updates as the fierce competition continues…

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