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We are passionate about your experience on our website and the content we provide here. Selecting a hotel can be daunting, and we strive to make that process a little easier by painting a true picture of what we are about. From the pictures of our staff to the blog posts written by them, what you see here is genuinely who we are.

If you are shopping around and see a different offer for The Lenox on another site, let us know and we will make it right. We would be honored to be your home in Boston!

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MEM Tea Imports

MEM Tea Imports

Based just across the Charles River in Cambridge, MEM Tea has been sourcing whole leaf teas for nearly 30 years.  To this day, MEM focuses on importing the most delicious teas possible while coming up with delightful and harmonious blends.  Served in large, convenient, pyramid tea bags, all of our lobby teas are whole leaf teas, letting the full range of the tea’s flavor to come forth, while also being convenient to brew!  In contrast to typical teabags, which are filled with tea “dust” and broken pieces of tea leaves, whole leaf teas have more nuanced & deeper flavors and may require a little more time to steep. We also have tins of MEM Tea available for purchase to bring home with you right in our Mercantile.

Looking for a hot tip to mix up your mornings? Try MEM Tea over ice – truly delicious!

We are very excited to bring a fully local experience to your morning beverages as MEM Tea joins Share Coffee Roasters down in our lobby each morning.  With both of our coffee & tea options, we’re bringing a truly high end café experience right to you in our lobby!

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