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We are passionate about your experience on our website and the content we provide here. Selecting a hotel can be daunting, and we strive to make that process a little easier by painting a true picture of what we are about. From the pictures of our staff to the blog posts written by them, what you see here is genuinely who we are.

If you are shopping around and see a different offer for The Lenox on another site, let us know and we will make it right. We would be honored to be your home in Boston!

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Our People’s Passions

Our People’s Passions

Beyond group fundraising events like CART FOR A CAUSE and ROOM IN YOUR HEART, our employees take philanthropy to the next level. The range of causes our team is involved in varies from participating in charities to support loved ones, to participating in annual fundraisers year after year. Whatever the cause, The Lenox team is dedicated to helping out near and far!

Introducing The Lenox Employee Giving Series, showcasing some of our team members being passionate and active in the local community. Here are two of our team members leading by example and embodying the spirit of philanthropy!



Craig LeBlanc, Valet Manager

Surfing with Smiles gives those with special needs and abilities the chance to surf for free in a safe environment. Two surfers, Lindsey and Taylor, started this company about 9 years ago to pull the surfing community together and share their love for surfing and the ocean through good vibes and positive energy. You have never seen so many smiles on one beach! It’s such a warm and energetic event that happens a few times each summer. My son Derek and I have volunteered these events for a few years now. It’s a great time and we look forward to these surf sessions every summer.




Lisa Burns, Director of Marketing

My involvement with the Special Needs community started when I was in high school – I volunteered with what was then called the BICO program – Bi-County Collaborative. During my study periods I would travel over to our local YMCA and spend time in the pool with the class. It was hard not to create special bonds with some of the students – I sometimes run into several around town and they always say hi and remember the times we spent together – truly remarkable!

During high school, my children were involved in the Special Olympic events that were held at the school and inevitably I would end up helping out. My niece participated in the competition when she lived in town, so it was great to be there and cheer her on. The pride and excitement that these student athletes experience throughout the day is so rewarding to witness. To see the smiles after they have competed and won ribbons, and stand on the podium so proudly – very emotional!

The family tradition was carried on with my godson/nephew Kyle while he was in high school – he was very involved in the organization of the annual Special Olympics & Polar Plunge events. He passed away this Spring and our family all volunteered in his memory at the games in early June – truly an honor and bittersweet without him there with us.

If you’d like to somehow get involved with the Special Needs Community and looking for a volunteer opportunity – here are a couple of links to get you started:

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