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Real Weddings
Alicia & Mark

Real Weddings
Alicia & Mark

The Bride & Groom

Alicia met Mark at work she was really interested in him, but he was “trying to be professional” and didn’t ask her out for about a month. Mark eventually took Alicia to Salem, MA for their first date in early February. It was freezing and stormy and against her better judgment he lured her to Marblehead Point in the pitch black! It was love from the on! Funny enough, their baby girl, Everly was born 4 years to the day of their first date on 2/16/17.

Why The Lenox?

Both Alicia and Mark lived in Back Bay and had been to The Lenox for drinks at City Table and food at Solas. Mark’s family stayed at the hotel a few times when they visited and everyone loved the atmosphere of the venue. Mark was also obsessed with the lobby bathrooms. “The setting was perfect for our December wedding, cozy and felt like home while also providing our out of town guests with the true Boston experience”.

The Big Day – December 19, 2015

The guests arrived the day before the wedding to relax and settle in! Guests swung by for a bite and drinks in Solas to celebrate. “Alison truly made the start of our weekend so special by treating us to a few drinks!” The wedding ceremony took place at Saint Cecilia’s earlier the next day. “I was fashionably late (due to photos) so the groomsmen brought bags and bags of Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers from Wendy’s to calm their nerves (or hangovers). During the ceremony, Mark actually stepped on and tore my dress loud enough for the guests to hear”.

After the ceremony, they went over to Commonwealth Ave and the gardens to take photos before returning to the hotel. They were so excited to join their guests that they ended up hurrying through some of their final photos to crash the cocktail hour. Alicia and Mark had the most amazing time at their reception. The couple decided on a New England style reception, so they kicked everything off with lots of dancing. “Later in the evening, the dancing turned to stomping and the signing turned to screaming, but we had the time of our lives”.

The Bride’s Memorable Moments

In addition to the above…

“The toasts were very memorable…my dad, my “men of honor” (my brothers), and Mark’s best man (his brother)”.

“The morning of the wedding, I went running along the Charles and apparently Mark had the same idea. We saw each other, and Mark pretended like he didn’t, because we weren’t supposed to see each other until the ceremony”.

“Father John is from Quincy and has a wicked thick Boston accent. Half of the guests were from Ohio or somewhere in the Midwest, so they thought it was hilarious to hear him call Mark “Mahhhhk”.

“I was so nervous the morning of the wedding, but the basket of goodies and drinks from you and Mark really calmed my nerves. It was also great to have my puppies with me! Mark loved the Board Room or “mans room” as he calls it. The beers and snacks helped him and the guys get excited for the day”.

“We always talked about how we would never have the opportunity to have all our friends and family together like that again. It was amazing!”

“We had a blast at our tasting and the wedding dinner did not disappoint. Our guests loved the dinner. We even heard stories of people stealing others’ plates! After the wedding, we kept it pretty classy and headed over to Whiskey’s for some late night. People were horrified that I wore my wedding dress into the bar!”

Style Guide

Hair and Makeup: Regina from Faking It! Salon was amazing…I looked phenomenal, if I do say so myself
Dress and Jewelry: Modern Bride in Bedford, NH
Tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse in Downtown Crossing
Shoes: Mine were custom Converse adorned with “Mrs. Sellers” because I suck at walking in heels. My dad also had Converse. Mark’s were from Men’s Warehouse…not too exciting haha.
Photography: Little Fang Photography (Lindsey and Adam Brisbine). Insanely talented couple…and wicked cool on top of it!
Flowers: All-Ways Flowers (Doris Lindgren) out of Manchester, NH
Cake: Dessert Works

The newlyweds are now parents to their daughter, Everly!