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Share Coffee Roasters
Ethiopia Fahem

Share Coffee Roasters
Ethiopia Fahem

We are extremely lucky to have some incredible local partners who not only produce amazing goods and services, but are also doing amazing things for the greater good. Share Coffee Roasters, the coffee roaster for The Lenox Hotel located in Hadley MA, recently purchased a coffee lot from the Fahem Estate in the Limmu region of Ethiopia. Grown at an elevation of almost 6,400 feet, the coffee is naturally occurring, found in the mountain forests of their 200 hectares of farmland, and roasted by Share to highlight the inherent notes of tea and peach.

Beyond growing delicious coffee, the farm is also making a wonderful positive impact on the community in which it is located. Unusually for western Ethiopia, the farm is female-owned and majority female-operated. Employing nearly 400 workers, 300 are female. They also invest heavily in the local primary school, ensuring a quality education for the local children, as well as help raise the quality of the surrounding coffee farms by the quality example they set.

So, if you are in our lobby and want to help support such a wonderful farm as well as enjoy some great coffee, be sure to pick up a bag of Ethiopia Fahem from our Lobby Mercantile, or order it directly from Share!

share coffee roasters share coffee roasters ethiopia fahem

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