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Summer at Fenway

Summer at Fenway

We are gearing up for another fun-filled summer in Fenway with Red Sox home series and an awesome concert schedule. The nice thing about The Lenox’s location is that you can experience Fenway a couple of different ways! I usually ask guests if they are looking to have a sit down dinner before the event or just some drinks and maybe a scene.

If you are looking to grab drinks near the park, my favorite is the Bleacher Bar because you feel as though you are actually a part of the stadium. And if you get the right seat, you can see right onto the field! Clask N Flagon is always a classic with a storied history. Lansdowne Pub is fun before Fenway concerts as they usually have a live band playing so it sets the tone for your whole night. If you want to have dinner, or at least a slightly less hectic pre-game, I recommend stopping at a Back Bay spot along the short walk. I really like Dillons, especially the patio, or Summer Shack for Oysters!

If you need any specific suggestions, feel free to reach out and, don’t worry, Red Sox jersey is considered formal dinner attire almost anywhere in Boston!

Another tip is to check out the Fenway Park Tour as a great way to get a sense of the ballpark in a super affordable manner. They run pretty much every hour on the hour and you can usually buy tickets at the park.

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