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View Boston

View Boston

Perched at the top of the iconic Prudential Tower, View Boston is a stunning $182+ million reinvigoration of the previous Top of the Hub & the Skywalk Observatory spaces. After being whisked 52 stories above Boston, you are greeted with towering windows and a birds-eye view of our small city framed by the backs of the Prudential Tower lettering. Being able to see from Fenway Park at one end all the way to Logan Airport at the other truly gives a sense of just how approachable & walkable a city Boston is. View Boston has incorporated a number of interactive elements to help guide your visit and exploration of Boston. As you explore the space, you will be prompted to select and engage with points of interest you might want to visit during your time in Boston. At the end of your time at View Boston, you are able to create and save a customized itinerary involving those points you collected along the way.

skyline view of boston
view boston 3d map of boston outdoor terrace with view of boston

For dining options, View Boston features Stratus, a cocktail bar nestled in the corner of View Boston’s wrap-around, outdoor terrace, and The Beacon, an intimate dining option centered around a long central bar and, unsurprisingly, stunning aerial views.

In addition to the incredible views, View Boston has some creative experiences including Boston 365, a 3D, projection-mapped model of Boston highlighting the seasons, spirit, and celebrations throughout Boston, as well as Open Doors, an immersive theater that takes the viewer on various explorations of neighborhoods and attractions throughout Boston.

View Boston is truly a worthy successor to Top of the Hub & the Skywalk Observatory, and well worth visiting during your time in Boston!