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Real Weddings
Will & Jerome

Real Weddings
Will & Jerome

Will and Jerome got married at The Lenox on February 27, 2016 on a cold, but sunny day. Now that they have had some time to reflect on the big day, they shared all the most memorable moments with us!

The Grooms

We met at a tennis social at the Winchester Racquet Club in February 2009. Although we did not play on the same court that night, we noticed each other two courts away and struck up a conversation afterwards. We talked for hours until the club closed and made plans to meet up for tennis and lunch the following day. We’ve been together and playing tennis ever since.

Why The Lenox for Your Wedding?

The Lenox Hotel was recommended to us by our friends Michael and Christina Marko who had their wedding at the hotel. Although we looked at a number of venues, we selected The Lenox Hotel for a number of reasons, including the beautiful Dome Room, the location and proximity to Boston attractions for our visiting friends and family, and the help we received from Alison Majka.

Favorite Moments From Your Wedding Day? (February 27, 2016)

There were many special moments the entire weekend. Having everyone on the dance floor, including my Dad, was so much fun. The ping pong table was an incredible hit that everyone seemed to enjoy. We are grateful that our late friend Jena was able to preside over the ceremony, even after being diagnosed with cancer.

Any Advice For Couples On Their Big Day?

My advice is to not stress over planning the perfect wedding; simply focus on having one that you and your guests will enjoy. Choose quality professionals (i.e., wedding planner, photographer, baker, etc.) and solicit their advice.

Style Guide

Hair: Symphony Barbers
Make Up: Will
Photographer: BKB & Co.
Tuxedo: Armani
Florist: Bella Flora