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Boston Marathon Route

Looking for some tips and tricks to make the most of your time in Boston for the Marathon? Look no further, we’ve got some great ideas for you! Don’t forget, most importantly of all, The Lenox Hotel is the very best place to be to experience all things Marathon in Boston, so you don’t need to go any further than our two front doors to see it all! Unless, of course, you’re a runner. Then you’ll need to take a bus 26.2 miles away, and run back. Good luck & have fun!

If you really want to start at the very beginning, head out to the quaint town of Hopkinton, where the Boston Marathon starting line is located. Join the crowds to cheer on the fresh-faced runners before they begin their 26.2 mile journey into Boston. Travel is a little trickier this far out, but you can take the MBTA Commuter Rail to the Framingham Station and catch one of the BAA shuttle buses to downtown Hopkinton from the station. You’ll want to get out here early!

Looking to be a little closer to the center of the action? Head to Wellesley College and the famed Scream Tunnel packed with Wellesley College students cheering on the runners and giving them an extra boost of energy. The MBTA Commuter Rail is recommended for this journey, this time to the Wellesley Square station, a short walk from the college campus.

Can’t quite decide if you want to cheer on the Red Sox or the runners? Don’t worry, you don’t have to! Head to Kenmore Square and join the crowds rooting for both. If you’re lucky enough to be going to the game, you should definitely make use of The Lenox’s close proximity to Fenway and walk both to and from the game. If you want to join the crowds, make sure you get south of Boylston Street early and make a right on Ring Road to loop around down to Huntington Avenue and back up Exeter Street.

Last, but certainly not least, spend your time with us right at the finish line! You’re in the best spot along the whole Marathon route in our biased, but accurate, opinion, so you might as well make use of it and enjoy the day. Typically, we are lucky enough to have unencumbered access to our strip of Boylston Street, so you can beat the crowds a bit, too, while enjoying phenomenal views of the runners.

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