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An Eastie Adventure

An Eastie Adventure

Only a hop, skip and free boat shuttle away – East Boston and the neighboring town of Charlestown offer several outdoor dining spots with spectacular views of the Boston skyline. We decided to spend the afternoon checking them out – below is a recap of each spot and links to their website should you decide to visit (check for live music schedule and summer hours of operation!)



6 New Street, East Boston

We started at the ReelHouse and sat at the outdoor area, shared a shrimp cocktail and some Navy Yard Spritzes – delicious! Located adjacent to the USS Constitution, there were plenty of tourists roaming around the area and fun to people watch!


1 East Pier Drive, East Boston

New to the area, the Tall Ship Boston is a 245″ vessel turned floating oyster bar moored on Pier One in East Boston. The ship has 3 custom bars built around the grand mast and offers amazing views of the skyline and harbor. It was really crowded so we had a couple of drinks and took in the fun and lively atmosphere.


We then took the free water shuttle over to Charlestown to check out a couple of more places – great way to avoid the traffic and spend some time on the water – here is their info:

Running between Pier 6 Restaurant and Reelhouse Boston! (Weather Permitting)

Shuttle hours of operation are: Monday – Wednesday  3pm – 10pm &  Thursday – Sunday  11am – 11pm
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18th Street, Charlestown

A popular destination in Charlestown, Pier 6 Waterfront was hopping, despite the overcast weather! The restaurant was full so we weren’t able to have a meal but decided to stay and sat outside while we nibbled on the Mezze Plate and a couple of Pier 6 Painkillers – a delightful combo of rum, orange and coconut.


1 Shipyard Park, Charlestown

The Anchor was our last stop of the day – Boston’s only two-story public gathering space and open-air wine and beer garden. This venue was really neat, and as expected on a Saturday afternoon – very busy! We each had a couple of beers on the expansive patio area and took in the afternoon activity in the area.


All in all, it was a great way to see a part of the city that I hadn’t been to and check out a couple of the new, hot spots – would highly recommend!


Guest Services Manager