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Baseball Is Back At Fenway Park Boston!

Baseball Is Back At Fenway Park Boston!

Live sporting events are back, and Boston’s Fenway Park is no exception! Boy have we been waiting for this. Starting last weekend Fenway Park is now at full capacity! Do I feel bad for all of the complaining I used to do about how small the seats in Fenway are now? Yes, a little. Am I excited to be able to cram myself past a row of knees, juggling a frank and a beer, just to get to my cramped seat in the middle of the bleachers? You betcha!

I have to be honest, in the wake of the Mookie Betts trade and after an uninspired season last year, I wasn’t super excited for this Red Sox season. But this team has some juice that I did not expect! Currently in first place, with Alex Cora back at the helm, this is a fun team to watch. So grab some tickets and get down to Fenway.

It’s a nice walk to the park from The Lenox Hotel, which is conveniently located nearby. See the route here or jump on the T. Solas is a pretty good place to start or finish your day as nothing beats a perfectly poured Guinness to bookend your game day! Once you are in the neighborhood check out the classics like the Cask n Flagon and Game On to name a few. Another fun idea is Time Out Market and the adjacent Trillium Beer Garden. And if you need dinner suggestions just give us a call!

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