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Baseball is Back!

Baseball is Back!

Baseball is back! Well, sort of. Opening day was the other day and while it felt a little bit odd to see the Sox play in front of an empty Fenway Park, it also felt pretty good to see a live sporting event. Do I feel bad for years about all of the complaining I did about how small the seats in Fenway are now? Yes, a little. Would I love to be able to cram myself past a row of knees, juggling a frank and a beer, just to get to my cramped seat in the middle of the bleachers? You betcha! But fear not, there is still a pretty fun experience to be had at the ballpark.

On home game days. Lansdowne Street (you know the one that cuts behind the Monster) is going to become a pedestrian only area for eating, drinking and watching the game. Basically, catch the ballgame in the shadow of the park and it will make you feel a little bit like you are at a Sox game. Lansdowne Pub and Loretta’s Last Call are expanding their patios into the street. Also check out park stalwarts Game On and Bleacher Bar (with views into the park!). And there will also be a pop up called Under the Green Monster which will be serving drinks out of an airstream and ballpark style pretzels.

It’s a nice walk to the park from The Lenox. See the route here or jump on the T. Solas is a pretty good place to start or finish your day as nothing beats a perfectly poured Guinness to bookend your game day!

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