Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day, Every Day

You made it here

We love nothing more than seeing smiling faces from every corner of the world in our lobby.  The wide range of places our guests have travelled from to stay with us is both exciting and humbling.  We believe travel is incredibly important. It enriches, educates, and entertains.  Simply put, the more people get out and see new places and meet new people, the better we all are for it.

But like everything, there is a cost to travel.  Transportation accounts for over a third of all pollution emissions in the in the US alone.  As a 4th generation family business, that fact is not lost on us.  How can we do our part to help solve this problem?

A valet employee closing the door for a guest in front of the Lenox Hotel in Boston

What are we doing

With Earth Day coming up on Monday April 22nd, The Lenox is purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for all guests staying through the weekend, to offset the estimated mileage used to travel to Boston by plane.  It’s our way of saying thanks for coming to Boston and choosing to stay with us. In addition to offsetting travel this weekend, take comfort in knowing that The Lenox already offsets all energy used at the hotel, making your stay 100% carbon pollution neutral!  And we do that every day of the year, and have been for the last 16 years.

Biker outside Lenox Hotel

Renewable Energy Credits are wind and solar energy credits that can be purchased to offset the otherwise unavoidable use of polluting fossil fuel we all consume for our electricity and transportation. We calculate the amount of energy we consume and then balance that carbon impact with the purchase of clean energy in the United States.

Yes, travel comes with a real impact on the planet, but know that we take that impact very seriously and work to reduce our part. We always continue to look for ways to ensure a sustainable future for all.

Watering the rooftop garden

Chief Sustainability Officer