Mel’s Margaritas

Mel’s Margaritas

Who doesn’t love a great margarita? Trust me, there is a difference when it’s done right. Growing up, my dad always made them at home, but he would get the mix and add tequila. Frozen or on the rocks, he loved them! I’m not saying that these are bad, I have had them for years and truly enjoyed them. A few years after my introduction to the drink from my father I learned how to make a “perfect margarita” (well, in my mind perfect). I do love a good tequila – Casa Amigos, Don Julio, Herredura are few of my favorites.

There are some key ingredients in making a tasty homemade margarita. Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice and agave, and if I have an orange, I also squeeze it in there. I call this more of a skinny margarita, but trust me it’s delicious. If you prefer to use sour mix, Whole Foods sells a good one in the refrigerated section called Ripe which you can also find in some restaurants around the city. And if you are out and about, spring is here in Boston and nothing is better than getting out of work and going out to a patio and enjoying a good margarita.

I’m only commenting on traditional margaritas here. I know many places offer different kinds of margaritas – spicy, watermelon, strawberry, to name a few. All of which are all good, I just prefer a traditional margarita with salt.

Here is my go to list of my favorite places in the city to grab a margarita:

These places will not disappoint you. Make sure to enjoy a good margarita on Cinco de Mayo! I know I will!