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Goodnow Farms Chocolate

Goodnow Farms Chocolate

Just over 30 minutes west of Boston in the bucolic suburb of Sudbury, Goodnow Farms Chocolate produces incredible, truly single origin chocolates. Husband & wife team, Tom & Monica, made chocolate at home for years before they decided to pursue chocolate making professionally. They take a hands-on approach to sourcing their cocoa, having visited each of their sources throughout Central & South America as well as Mexico to forge direct relationships with the farmers. These direct relationships allow them to be completely sure that the cocoa they source is produced sustainably and ethically, using fair labor practices. They are also able to assist with honing farming and processing practices.

From sourcing, roasting, winnowing, conching, & tempering, Tom & Monica are involved in every step of producing Goodnow Farms’ award-winning chocolates.

They take the concept of single origin chocolate further than nearly every other chocolate maker around by pressing their very own single origin cocoa butters. A bar of dark chocolate is hard to perfect, but simple in ingredients – cocoa, sugar, and cocoa butter. By pressing their own single origin cocoa butters, Goodnow Farms ensures that each bar is as pure to origin as possible. Their meticulous roasting process aims to highlight the flavors inherent in the cocoa beans, never masking flavors with roast. Even the sugar used in their bars is sustainably & ethically sourced from Brazil!

Goodnow Farms Chocolate doesn’t stop at just dark chocolate. From whiskey & coffee infused bars to cow & oat milk bars to single origin hot chocolates, Goodnow Farms makes a chocolatey treat to delight any chocolate lover!

Next time you’re in our luxury hotel lobby, be sure to check out Goodnow Farms Chocolate bars!

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