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Jack’s Snacks

Jack’s Snacks

We know that while finding a great local something at our Mercantile to bring back to a friend or family member (or for yourself!) might be high on your list, finding something special for your favorite four legged friend might be even more important! And that’s why we partnered with Jack’s Snacks, a local doggie bakery focused on creating high quality, preservative-free dog treats since 2004.

Located just south of The Lenox in Warwick, RI, Jack’s Snacks was founded by Marni MacLean Karro when she saw a lack in the market for dog treats made with real, whole foods. The ingredient list for all of Jack’s Snacks treats reads like a recipe you’d make right in your own kitchen – whole wheat, oats, peanut butter, whole egg, and more. Everything is pronounceable and something you’d want to eat yourself!

All of Marni’s treats are named after special dogs in her and her family’s lives. Jack’s Snacks itself & their signature Jack’s Nuts About Squirrels treats are both named after the dog love of Marni’s life, Jack, a black lab pitbull rescue who, unsurprisingly, loved both peanut butter and chasing squirrels!

Looking for something a little extra special? Check out Jack’s Snacks doggie cakes made with their signature peanut butter-cream cheese frosting and available for delivery to Boston for that special celebration at The Lenox with your pup!

Next time you’re in our lobby, don’t forget to pick up something special for your favorite canine family member or order right from our online Mercantile!

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