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We are passionate about your experience on our website and the content we provide here. Selecting a hotel can be daunting, and we strive to make that process a little easier by painting a true picture of what we are about. From the pictures of our staff to the blog posts written by them, what you see here is genuinely who we are.

If you are shopping around and see a different offer for The Lenox on another site, let us know and we will make it right. We would be honored to be your home in Boston!

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Seacoast Sweets

Seacoast Sweets

Seacoast Sweets is a family-owned and operated small-batch candy maker just south of us in Rhode Island. Originally founded in Newburyport, MA, they moved to Rhode Island in 2018 to expand their delicious candy making operation.

And it really is a family operation at Seacoast! Run by wife & husband team, Danielle & Kevin, their three kids can often be found helping cut ribbons for the chocolate boxes in breaks between weekend Nerf gun fights. Other family members also chip in, especially during the lead up to the busy holiday season, to ensure their delicious candies make their way from Pawtucket to your snack time!

Seacoast Sweets likes to keep it simple. All of their chocolates are handmade in small batches with quality ingredients. From the peanut butter filled patties made with Teddy’s peanut butter, made in Everett, MA, to throwback classics like peppermint patties to the more whimsical S’mores patties made with real Fluff, made in Lynn, MA, and part of our Fireside Experience package.

Available in our Mercantile both online and in the lobby as well as the “s’mores” in our Fireside Experience package, be sure to have an extra-sweet taste of New England with Seacoast Sweets’ beautiful and delicious handmade chocolate patties!

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