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Spread Your Wings!

Spread Your Wings!

Did you know that many scientists think that the best way to help the migration process for Monarch Butterflies is by creating habitats for them in urban cities? Well…that’s exactly what we did over at the Fenway Victory Gardens with the addition of our new Butterfly/Pollinator Garden! Over the past two years, Monarch populations have decreased by nearly 80 percent and we are aiming to prevent this number from getting any higher. Not only are Monarchs beautiful to look at, but they also contribute a large part to the overall health of our planet. They help to pollinate many different types of wildflowers and also serve as an essential food source for birds and other insects. Generally, Monarch butterflies tend to live for only a few weeks; however, those that emerge in the late summer and early fall months (the season we are in right now!) are actually born to travel. They may live for eight or even nine months in order to accomplish their migration.

We were so excited and gracious to The Lenox for allowing us up on their rooftop to release our Monarchs into the world. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the perfect way to send them off. We were also lucky enough to have the one and only David Ortiz, aka “Big Papi”, release some of out Monarchs right from the Fenway Victory Gardens!

Our ultimate goal, other than saving the Monarch Butterfly population as whole, is to create as many spaces as possible for Monarchs to thrive in an urban environment. We even recently co-hosted, along with the Fenway Community Center, a Monarch Butterfly Workshop that focused on a variety of topics including, the metamorphosis process, the importance of both nectar and host plants, and the Partners for Monarch Conservation. We are hoping that by hosting more community events like this one (and with your help) we can raise awareness to help save as many Monarch butterflies as possible.

Are you interested in becoming a part of our “Butterfly Brigade” community here in Boston? You can start by simply taking the step to learn about and change your gardening habits and choices. Visit our website to learn how to help with our new “Pollinator Garden” in the Fenway Victory Gardens or learn how to use these methods in your very own garden!

President, Fenway Garden Society