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Red Sox Day Games

There is nothing better than a 1:00PM baseball game. Sun, beers, and brats. It’s America’s pastime! It’s a bit of a shame that they don’t get scheduled as often as they used to. It wasn’t long ago that Wrigley Field in Chicago’s North Side didn’t even have lights. Times have changed but if you are lucky you can snag tix to a Saturday matinee at Fenway. If you do, here are a few tips from Lenox Hotel in Boston.


Almost goes without saying but stay with us at The Lenox in Boston. We are less than a mile from Fenway Park and it’s a nice walk, quick Lyft, or a fun pedicab ride over. Also,The Lenox is awesome just look around this website (I may be biased!).


Two good ways to do this. One is to mosey on down through the lobby to City Table for a Bloody & Brunch. I love the duck confit hash as it combines two of my favorite things. If Brunch is feeling a bit too fanciful for a Sox game day, go with the Pour House down Boylston Street. They do a nice greasy spoon breakfast and have an 8AM liquor license. There is something fun about having an early cocktail with all the hospital staff having their post work drinks after the overnight shift.

Once you’ve fueled up, take the walk to Fenway down Boylston Street. If you are feeling a pedicab ride, they are usually lined up near the corner of Boylston and Dalton Street.


For a pregame beer I like the Baseball Tavern. It’s one of the few remaining old baseball bars near Fenway Park. Fenway has changed quite a bit in the last decade and a lot of the old spots have been pushed out for new restaurants. Don’t get me wrong, much of this change is for the better. But before a baseball game there is something to be said for a beer in a plastic cup and a sticky floor! Get there early and hit up the roof deck!


Fenway is old and mostly charming! For a day game grab bleacher seats to be in the sun the whole game. Bring sunglasses and sunscreen! In game food I’d go Tasty Burger (under the bleachers) for a Jalapeño Burger. Obviously if you have never had a Fenway frank you should do that at least once. But I’m going to say something that won’t please the crowds here. The Fenway Frank is kinda overrated! I was in DC a few weeks ago and took in a Nats game for the first time. The Half Smoke at Nationals Park is way better than any of the sausages or franks I’ve had at Fenway. Sorry for that tangent. Have a hot dog at Fenway it’s fine!


Hopefully you just caught a win although based on how the 2019 season has started maybe not. Part of the reason I love a day game is that you can bask in the postgame fun without being out too late. Once you leave Fenway hit up Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar. You are probably a little full form beers and brats at the game. This place has a great vibe and a nice Whiskey list. I’m not really sophisticated to understand that list, so I usually just fake it an order a Bourbon that I’ve heard of. Take down a dozen oysters with that beverage, you’ve earned it. See, that bloated feeling is cured!

Get Home Safe

Getting back to our hotel near Fenway Park is easy. From Citizen it’s just Boylston Street the whole way. Just look for the Prudential building and walk towards it. There are plenty of bars and patios along the way back towards The Lenox so if you are still up for it duck into whatever looks good. if it’s a Saturday Eataly will often have the Gelato cart out on the patio. Could be a nice way to finish off a great day watching the Red Sox.