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Second Annual Back Bay Battle of the Breweries

All of your favorite local craft brewers in one spot?! Yep, you read that right! Join us on Thursday, September 19th from 6PM-9PM for our second annual Back Bay Battle of the Breweries! Enjoy samples from over 23 New England Breweries and then place your vote for your favorite! The winning brewery gets a Tap Takeover in City Table, City Bar, and Solas! Ticket price includes unlimited beer samples, customized tasting glass, hors d’oeuvres created by Chef Sean MacAlpine, live music and a night full of good eats, brews and fun!

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Citizen Cider

Burlington, VT
Citizen Cider, founded in 2010 on a hunch and some good old-fashioned hard work by three friends in the great state of Vermont. Citizen Cider has quickly become a leading player in the craft cider arena. Citizen Cider strives to look at the bigger picture and focuses on being involved in every aspect of their supply chain, sourcing all fruit directly from local farmers and pressing the juice to create a true craft cider. Cider for the people, made by the people.

Great North Aleworks

Manchester, NH
Great North Aleworks is a 20 barrel production brewery located in Manchester, NH.  Founded by Rob and Lisa North, the brewery’s goal is simple – to craft flavorful, food friendly beers, while maintaining a fanatical devotion to quality.  Great North Aleworks has been a dream of Rob & Lisa’s for many years. Rob has been a long time home brewer and after rediscovering the craft back in 2007, he immersed himself in the hobby. Lisa was always extremely happy with the outcome, and even talked Rob into teaching her how to brew some creations of her own.

Definitive Brewing

Portland, ME
Definitive Brewing was formed in 2017 when we came across lightning in a (beer) bottle. After months of planning, we were introduced to our now Director of Brewing Operations, and found an ideal location, all in a single week.  Our investment group is made up of friends and family all with ties to Lake Cobbosseecontee in Manchester, ME. After 6 months of tireless efforts to transform an old scaffolding company into a production brewery and tasting room, we opened May 19, 2018 on the legendary Industrial Way. At Definitive Brewing we strive to provide a memorable tasting room experience for all of our customers. This is culminated by our wide variety of beers, including our Kolsch (Contee), Session Ales, IPAs, Stouts and Sours!

Bent Water

Lynn, MA
We’re bent water brewing company, located in the steel heart of Lynn, Massachusetts. around here, we do craft beer good and gritty. because there’s no reason sophistication can’t have a little rust around the edges.  We believe that passion can turn industry into art. this isn’t just beer; there’s beauty in our bubbles, just as much as there’s elbow grease in our ethics. when we pour you a cold one, we’re pouring everything we’ve got into it. We work hard so people can take it easy. and most importantly, everyone’s welcome to what we’ve got stocked in the fridge

Lord Hobo

Woburn, MA
With beer on a pedestal and adventure up our sleeve, we set out to craft style-defining New England beers that highlight paramount traits of quality ingredients. Beer has a unique ability to bring all kinds of people to together, from the Lords that only enjoy the finer things in life, to the Hobos that work hard to earn their small pleasures, great beer is an accessible luxury. Proudly brewed in Massachusetts, we’re bringing the New England beer experience to thirsty fans everywhere. We relish in connection and find sanctuary in the beers that unite us.

Aeronaut Brewing Co.

Somerville, MA
In December 2013, friends / housemates / cofounders: Dan, Ben and Ronn set out from a Somerville backyard on a journey that would become Aeronaut Brewing Co. On the first day of Summer 2014, AERONAUT launched in the loading bay of a historic envelope factory, creating Somerville’s first craft BREWERY in more than a century. AERONAUT exists to push the boundaries of beer through fearless recipe design powered by house-cultured fermentations. Our mission is to brew world-class beer, amplify the voice of our community and support arts and culture.

Night Shift

Everett, MA
Night Shift Brewing was founded in 2012 by a trio of friends with a shared passion for homebrewing. Through culinary inspiration and determined innovation, we aim to create memorable craft beers that offer a wide array of unique, complex flavors. They began homebrewing in a Somerville, MA kitchen in 2007, starting with a 5-gallon “boil kettle”, a Gatorade cooler “mash tun,” and some basic starter recipes. Over time, we refined our process, enhanced our recipes, upgraded our equipment, and were soon homebrewing well past midnight 2-3 times per week. We called ourselves “Night Shift Brewing” – desk workers by day, homebrewers by night.

Turtle Swamp

Boston, MA
At the start of the 20th century, 24 of Boston’s 31 breweries were in JP or Roxbury, pulling in pure, clear water from the Stony Brook. By 1964 they were all gone. Turtle Swamp Brewing founders John Lincecum and Nicholas Walther were aware of the area’s brewing history but weren’t opening their new business out of nostalgia. “Nostalgia isn’t quite the right word,” says Walther. “We both love Jamaica Plain, and the fact we own a brewery right in our own neighborhood means we can add to the history. But we chose to work and live here because of what JP is now — a diverse, exciting, livable community.” Turtle Swamp Brewing opens its doors in the heart of Jamaica Plain, bringing beer back to the first true home of American brewing. We are a neighborhood brewery that strives to be a good neighbor, while making consistent beer with high quality and local ingredients. The beer of Jamaica Plain.

Jack’s Abby

Framingham, MA
Founded in 2011 by three brothers, Jack, Eric, and Sam Hendler, Jack’s Abby has become a mainstay of the craft brewing scene in the Northeast and nationwide. The Hendler brothers grew up in a family that promoted entrepreneurship and hard work. Spending summers with their grandfather and working at the family’s ice distribution company, they learned the value of committed family members and loyal employees – the foundation of which Jack’s Abby is based. Jack’s Abby creates authentic German-style flavors with traditional ingredients and techniques. The brewing team travels to Germany each year to procure German hops and malt from small family operations in Bavaria. Jack’s Abby is loyal to lager, brewing the finest craft lagers using the highest quality ingredients.

Idle Hands

Malden, MA
Founder, Christopher Tkach, found a good use of his “idle hands” as soon as he turned 21 and received his first beer-making kit as a present from his uncle. From that day forward, he became not only a fan of beer, but a student of the craft of beer making. He founded Idle Hands Craft Ales in 2011 with a local focus and penchant for brewing a wide array of styles from classic German style lagers and Belgian inspired ales to more popular New England IPAs. When they brew a beer, they brew it with uncompromising integrity and with a desire to make the best example of that style possible.

Naked Ox

Boston, MA
In 2017, four friends who love beer as much as they love live music decided to create a locally based Boston beer that would have the same independent spirit of the early settlers of Boston and faithful to the city they love and also complement the amazing live concerts they attended every week. A beer that was not only crafted with immense love but tasted great while watching their favorite bands play at the clubs around Boston.


Braintree, MA
Founders of Widowmaker Brewing, Ryan Lavery and Colin Foley, are longtime homebrewers who turned professional. They chose the name Widowmaker for the long hours spent honing recipes in their basements, at the expense of family time. Each of them have been making little tweaks to around a dozen recipes for beers, ranging from a hoppy session blond to coffee stout. Widowmaker Brewing is a partnership of longtime friends and beer enthusiasts. “Our goal is simple: make great beer to share with those wish to share it with us.”

Small Change Brewing Company

Somerville, MA
Small Change Brewing is our take on classic and sometimes overlooked beer styles.  From traditional European styles to the uniquely American, these are the beers that we love to drink and the beers that we want to send out into the world.  Our beers are usually low in alcohol and always high in flavor with an unwavering commitment to quality.

Cambridge Brewing Company

Cambridge, MA
Cambridge Brewing Company has a long history of brewing handcrafted beers of many origins and influences. While we can’t be all things to all people, we do enjoy the challenge of producing a very broad spectrum of beers which we hope will appeal to the vast majority of beer drinkers. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of brewing and have created new expressions in beer by incorporating the influences of many fermentation traditions. We serve honest, American Craft Beer, made by us. With great flavor, of high quality, in a wide array of style and which our customers will love.

Devil’s Purse

South Dennis, MA
Friends and avid home brewers Matt Belson and Mike Segerson started having occasional brewing sessions, which then became weekly get-togethers to brew beer, bottle, and keg, and just as importantly, to drink and talk about craft beer. From these late-night brew sessions came the idea for Devil’s Purse Brewing Company and the desire to open a craft brewery on Cape Cod.  They are dedicated to the pursuit of making exceptional handcrafted beers using only the finest ingredients.

Notch Brewing

Salem, MA
Launched in 2010, Notch Brewing – named for the nick made to keep a record when you’re having more than one – was the first brewing company in the U.S. to focus exclusively on session beer. At the time, we simply wanted to brew the beers we loved to drink because finding them was a challenge. Session beer has been enjoyed in every great beer brewing nation for centuries, yet in the U.S. it was overlooked. So we set out to brew the world’s classic session styles from the Czech Republic, Germany, England, and Belgium, as well as explore how session beer could fit with the U.S.’s hoppy beer infatuation. Nine years later, we have a brewery built on the back of session beer and it’s proven two things: beer consumers like options, and session beer is a great one.

Bantam Cider

Somerville, MA
Bantam Cider was born from a proud, family tradition of winemaking and a desire to be part of a creative process rooted in the local community. We don’t believe Cider must fit neatly into one standard style. Instead, we want to push the creative process and elevate cider as the versatile, complex, and interesting choice it deserves to be. We are committed to making creative and distinctive crafted cider using fresh pressed apples and high-quality, all-natural ingredients.

Castle Island Beer

Norwood, MA
Dedicated to the belief that the best parties are the ones where everyone is invited, Castle Island was born in 2015 to crank out award-winning beers that are just as approachable as they are tasty. The brewery sports a roster of consistent core beers with an ever-changing specialty lineup, keeping things interesting and reliable at the same time. When they’re not brewing, you can find the CI squad grilling out, talking Boston sports, or faking the lyrics to a Beastie Boys tune. Named after the iconic South Boston landmark but located in sunny Norwood, Castle Island distributes cans and kegs of tongue-tickling beers throughout Massachusetts.

Cisco Brewers

Nantucket, MA
Here on Nantucket we have a Winery, Brewery, and Distillery.  Nantucket Vineyard was the first arm of our business opening in the early 1980’s as a small project of the Long Family.  After a few years, Winery employees ended up falling in love with the wine and each other, and voila! – Cisco Brewers was born on the Hudson’s stovetop in 1995.  Whispers of a brewery floated on the Nantucket wind, catching the ear of a few people, including a Mr. Harman.  Using the previously tested and proven formula of starting a business from another business, Winery and Breweryemployees enjoyed a few glasses / pints (respectively) together and hatched the idea for Triple Eight Distillery in 2000.

Winter Hill Brewing

Somerville, MA
Winter Hill Brewing, located in Somerville, is the Boston area’s first Craft Brewery/Restaurant/Cafe. Offering 7 rotating lines of small batch beer with a focus on freshness paired since April 2016. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner services and proudly pouring Counter Culture Coffee and Espresso 7 days a week.

Westfield River Brewing

Southwick, MA
Situated on a 73 acre farm in Southwick, MA, Westfield River Brewing Company is a destination taproom brewery focusing on diverse recipes brewed in small batches. Founded in 2011 by 12 friends who love both a great beer and a great party, WRBC offers a 6,000 square foot event space and a 2,000 square foot taproom, both located in our fully restored barn, built circa 1912. Weddings, corporate outings, birthday parties and showers are all common place in the barn as are concerts and festivals on our farm in the summer months.

Athletic Brewing Company

Stratford, CT
We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your ability to be healthy, active, and at your best to enjoy great beer – so we created our innovative lineup of refreshing, non-alcoholic craft beers.We’re beer lovers at heart. But we also love being healthy, active, and at our best. These conflicting passions created an internal struggle. Why couldn’t these loves live in harmony? Yes, there was non-alcoholic beer – but we’re lovers of great tasting beer. Maybe it just wasn’t possible, but we had to give it a try. A few years and hundreds of recipes later, Athletic Brewing Company was born – the first brewery and tap room fully devoted to the production of non-alcoholic